Christian Meth Use and God’s Power

August 21, 2008

Meth users, tweekers, will tell

you there is nothing more powerful

or more enticing than meth.  You’ll

give up everything about your

life, relationships, and health to

get it and keep using it.


If it’s that addictive, how can

the user break free and remain



The Big Book of AA points the

way to a solution:  “…there is

One who has all power, and

that one is God.  May you find

Him now.”


Christian rehab programs

emphasize faith and reliance

on Christ to free us from

addictions which we were

powerless to recover from



Meth Can Kill You: Take Action, Take Rehab

August 21, 2008

There’s no shortage of

information about what

methamphetamine use

can do to a person.  It

destroys families and

kills the user.


Meth users say it is almost

impossible to quit without

substance abuse treatment.


If you’re into meth, even just

“occassionally”, seek help now.

Seek help before it cripples

or kills you.  With meth, the

end game is very predictable



Many people in recovery from

meth believe the best way out

of this labyrinth is through a

Christian drug rehab program.

Reliance on God to reconstruct

your life may be the answer

for you, too.

Christian Meth Withdrawl

August 21, 2008

Meth is a nasty drug.  It

ruins your mind, rots your

teeth, and scars your



Methamphetamine withdrawl

is a horrible experience.

Because of the way meth

alters brain chemistry, users

experience significant

boomerang depression and

anxiety long after they stop



Discontinuation of the drug

should be done in a medically-

supervised detox setting.

Professional health care of

the user is essential.


Christian drug rehab programs

apply time-proven spiritual

and psychological counseling

approaches which aid the

user kick this difficult addiction.

Christian Meth Abuse Damage

August 21, 2008

Many substance abuse

treatment professionals

agree that meth is one of

the most difficult drugs to

kick, and to stay away from.


Meth use not only damages

neurotransmitters, but it also

alters brain chemistry long

after fresh use of the drug is

gone from the body.


Because of meth’s profound

and long-term effects,

professional treatment is



Christian recovery programs

incorporate both psychological

and medical components in



Meth use diminishes the

quality of life of the user,

and of those around them.

Seek christian drug rehab

before more damage is


Christians, Meth Addiction, and Faith

August 21, 2008

Methamphetamine users who

relapse will often say that they

didn’t want to start using

again, but that the depression

and anxiety of being sober

were unbearable.  Meth alters

brain chemistry long after

one has stopped using.

Thinking is not clear, and

hence relapse can occur.

There is hope for a better

life through the use of

a Christian-based treatment

and recovery program.

AA’s second and third step

of recovery suggest that we

accept the power of God to

heal us when we are unable

to do this alone by ourselves.

Christian-based recovery programs

can show you the path to recivery

from meth abuse.

Now is the time to start living wisely.